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Patrick & Apple | SDE

“Exactly two years ago on this day that we talked about and shared memories of how we both could not find that true love of ours, remember?” Because everything will fall into place and the universe will conspire In God’s perfect time. Never too late. Patrick & Apple | Same Day Edit Video Batangas Country Club Basilica of Saint Martin Photo: Jaja Samaniego Photography Gown: Francis Libiran Emcee: Jerome Go Patrick & Apple | SDE from Treehouse Story on Vimeo.

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Ada & Sammie | SDE

We live our lives everyday. Working. Earning. Cruising into the mundane. Surviving. Living? Then a moment comes, an encounter that will make us feel alive again. That will make us jump out of our routine. That will change us. “When you caught me smiling at you by the fax machine, it was that moment you change my life forever.” Because any given day, any given time or place, love will always win. Always. ?#?lovewins? Here’s the story of our Bride [...]

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Tantan & Inna | SDE

Life provides us with plenty of options.. “I have seen the best of you and the worst of you and I choose both.” Same Day Edit Video of Tantan & Inna. Photographer: Nez Cruz Coordinator: Teena Baretto Makeup: Pong Niu Tantan & Inna | SDE from Treehouse Story on Vimeo.

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Exactly 4 years ago today, we were in Baguio shooting our very first wedding as Treehouse Story. Trying to pull off our very first Same-Day-Edit Video which we had zero knowledge of. We made it but almost did not. It is half-baked though. And up to this day, we’re still looking, figuring things, making mistakes, learning anew , discovering, exploring and making new mistakes again. And Still Enjoying this path, enjoying this craft. Today we turn 4. Presenting our 2014 [...]

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