Peter & Michelle

Peter & Michelle | USA

A wedding in Santa Barbara, CA. Peter & Michelle. 9 years ago was the start of a beautiful story of two ordinary people being prepared for an extraordinary destiny. We take chances and we make choices, we go through the cycle until we decide to embrace what is meant. To take a step back and decide to love today. “You make me a better person and I’m truly blessed to be part of your life which as of today, becomes [...]

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Kevin & Pia

Kevin & Pia | SDE

The greatest gift that a man could ever give to his wife is a box. A box of memories, of sweet nothings, of hi and hello, of sunset and sunrise, of good morning and goodnight, of Happy Valentine’s Day and Happy Anniversary, of Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. An appreciation of every day since day 1. Church: St. Joseph the Worker Church Reception: Camp John Hay Photographer: Chesknots Studio Coordinator: Metro Eventscape Kevin & Pia | SDE from Treehouse [...]

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Aron & diane Cover

Aron & Diane | SG

We love because it’s the only true adventure – Nikki Giovanni An engagement shoot in Singapore. Aron & Diane. Aron & Diane | Singapore from Treehouse Story on Vimeo.

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Exactly 4 years ago today, we were in Baguio shooting our very first wedding as Treehouse Story. Trying to pull off our very first Same-Day-Edit Video which we had zero knowledge of. We made it but almost did not. It is half-baked though. And up to this day, we’re still looking, figuring things, making mistakes, learning anew , discovering, exploring and making new mistakes again. And Still Enjoying this path, enjoying this craft. Today we turn 4. Presenting our 2014 [...]

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