John & Larah

John & Larah | SDE

“In God’s perfect timing, you happened and everything turned upside down .” We were able to spend time with John & Larah before the big day. They treated us to a Shabu-Shabu night in their home together with other great suppliers. It was our first time to meet them since they booked us and we could truly say that they have this unconventional connection — just enjoying every moment, relaxed, sharing laughs, in love, nothing cheesy but real. Genuine. “I [...]

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Pat & Mara | #Reyban2015

Words may be difficult to find when you need them the most. You just have to step back a little to see the bigger picture, to find the right reasons and realize that you only need one. What better way to tell the story of Pat & Mara than through their own words? Nuestra Señora de Gracia Parish Manil Polo Club Photographer: Jaja Lifestyle Photography Coordinator: Empire Weddings Gown: Mel Orlina MUA: Janina Dizon Florist: Spruce Floral Design Pat & [...]

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Oneal & Francesca | SDE

It was the arrival day of Pope Francis, we were expecting the worst traffic but it was the exact opposite. We got the MOA complex all to ourselves, They even got to do their first dance in the middle of more than 12 thousand empty chairs that was set up outside the MOA arena. Everything was a breeze with Oneal & Francesca—no bad vibes, just enjoying the day, living the moment, celebrating life. Ever wondered what the POV of a [...]

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Exactly 4 years ago today, we were in Baguio shooting our very first wedding as Treehouse Story. Trying to pull off our very first Same-Day-Edit Video which we had zero knowledge of. We made it but almost did not. It is half-baked though. And up to this day, we’re still looking, figuring things, making mistakes, learning anew , discovering, exploring and making new mistakes again. And Still Enjoying this path, enjoying this craft. Today we turn 4. Presenting our 2014 [...]

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