Our fondest memories as children are of the days that we played in our makeshift tree house which we built. We often played “pretend” with our friends, trying to act out the perfect family. As we grew older, we began to write our dreams and threw them in the air, trusting fate to play its cards right for the encounter that will change our lives.

We are a group of vibrant individuals who specialize in digital media. Our dissimilar styles, strengths and personas contribute to our passion: To make your story our masterpiece.

We stand witness to your story and capture it as it unfolds. And by adding our skills in cinematography, we work together to weave all the elements in order to create a masterwork and showcase the happily ever after you always dreamed of.

Our passion for capturing moments and storytelling push us to challenge tradition. We believe that each story is unique and special and so we continuously approach each project with a fresh eye and make sure that it’s your personality that shines through.

The greatest stories out there are first told under a tree house.

We are Treehouse Story.