Meet the storytellers who long to flaunt your timeless wedding narrative as it unfolds.

Status: Sleeves rolled. Holding a coffee, ice-cold.


Imagine: You put up your digicam at 7 and put out your *beautiful eyes* so grandma can let you take videos during family gatherings. Denise didn’t imagine this. She literally did this over and over. Fast forward, she now puts up her phone to take videos for our socials and puts out her welcoming face whenever a client inquires. No beautiful eyes needed. We let our work do the work.


Fluent in hospitality, Alvin lives and breathes rendering good service and going the extra mile as always. At current, he flexes this belief system by overdelivering generously-woven visual stories.


While you were collecting either teenage angst or teenage crushes (we’re not judging), Kevin was busy spending his teenage years obsessing over music videos. A few *greatest MVs ever made* later, he catches himself directing, editing, and music scoring for wedding films. Now that we think about it, skipping THAT teenage phase did pay off.


Let’s set things straight: Qym has a soft spot for wedding vows, so soft you can find her crying happy tears while editing our latest SDE. And as uniquely thought-out as her name, she strives to give justice to every couple’s love story by translating their vows into films worthy of wows.


Darryl is no stranger to the creative scene. In fact, he has downed the world of photography, writing, and videography like he has downed espresso shots—naturally, instinctively thrilled every single time. As usual, he’s ready to be in his element and help you brew your love story… but first, coffee.


Picture this: You grew up manning your favorite aunt’s video rental shop, surrounded by thousands of VHS and Betamax tapes, press-playing the latest films on the daily. As if the world casually ingrained it in his DNA, it was a no-brainer for Patrick to #startemyoung, get in the game of motion storytelling, and years later, build Treehouse Story. The rest, as the cliché goes, is history.


When Patrick was busy press-playing, Alesi was building treehouses, putting up campfires, and getting inspiration from nature to create and create and create. As if a wedding of AHA moments sparked when they met, putting up a videography company and naming it Treehouse Story just made perfect sense.