Jaja Samaniego


Last night was the launching of Jaja Samaniego’s new website but beyond that was a launching of a new chapter, a new beginning, a preparation to accept and embrace what lies ahead because the past has taught you well—growth.

One of the highlights of the night was this video collaboration we did with the team of Jaja and other creative artists. We explored the mountains up north with no definite plans and it worked. We found a location more stunning than we have imagined. The Philippines did not disappoint. Enjoy this one!

Director: Treehouse Story
Producer: Jaja Samaniego
Writer: Jaja Samaniego | Jill Cruz | Toni Gozum
Make-up Artist: Gery Penaso
Colorist: Toni Gozum
Logo Animation by Jose Ticsay
Photographer: Erron Ocampo

Jaja Samaniego | Wedding Photographer from Treehouse Story on Vimeo.